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About Afripet


Afripet is the brain-child of Gail Leighton who was inspired to create her own range of pet products after seeing the wide selection available in the U.S.A. whilst on a visit there in 1994. As an avid animal lover, Gail was amazed when she could not find a comfy bed or snug jacket in Cape Town for her Great Dane pup Duke. So Gail set about designing her own range to cater for her most discerning customers! Afripet was born way back in 1996 and it has been growing ever since.

From humble beginnings, we now have a small factory in Retreat, Cape Town and make our own exclusive designs. Our removable dog-bed covers are 100% cotton and we make it our mission for our furry customers to be comfortable in their beautiful Afripet beds.

When customers get over-zealous (or simply bored) and chew their beds, we repair them as part of our exclusive service and dedication to them! We have happy Afripet customers all over the world wearing our jackets and sleeping on our luxurious beds.

Georgie-girl, Gail and Chaka

Gail with dignified old Chaka and ebullient Georgie-girl

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